Roadside Solutions

Our extensive experience in UK-wide Roadside Repair and Recovery Services covers many diverse vehicle types, from motorcycles to articulated HGVs as well as coaches and tankers carrying hazardous materials. From breakdowns to major road traffic accidents, motorway closures and chemical spillages, we endeavour to always fix vehicles at the roadside if it is legal and safe to do so. If this isn’t possible we recover the vehicle and arrange the safe onward travel of drivers, passengers and time-critical loads to their final destination. FMG operates on behalf of Highways England to manage the removal of broken-down, accident-damaged or abandoned vehicles from motorways and A-roads to protect the flow of traffic.

Incident Reporting

Driver and passenger safety is crucial and therefore speed is of the essence. FMG’s experienced Roadside Repair and Recovery team is available 24/7/365. Our flexible incident technology platform, Ingenium, is designed to truly tailor the entire Roadside Repair and Recovery service to each customer’s requirement and fleet profile. This ensures the rapid dispatch of the nearest available Roadside Repair and Recovery Operator with the relevant equipment and experience and allows the monitoring of the roadside repair and/or recovery to completion.

Repair & Recovery Capabilities

We are proud to work in partnership with our UK-wide PAS 43-certified network of vehicle repair and recovery operators. Together, we understand that there is no standard roadside response. We take time to thoroughly understand the specific requirements of every load, to ensure we tailor our response accordingly. Time-critical load? We’ll immediately set about fixing every vehicle at the roadside so the driver’s journey can continue. When a roadside fix isn’t possible, we’ll recover the vehicle safely and efficiently, meeting the precise requirements of every load, and arrange the onward transportation of the driver and any passengers. Our Supply Partners are certified to PAS-43 as a minimum, the highest quality standard in vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations and are required to continually meet and maintain our exacting quality standards.

Police Schemes and Emergency Blue Light Services

FMG operates on behalf of several Police Forces to provide the day-to-day management of vehicles that have been stolen, are uninsured, or have been involved in collisions or crimes. FMG’s bespoke service includes Vehicle Recovery, Storage & Disposal and a specialist Forensics service in line with legislation. All Police services are managed from FMG’s secure and dedicated Police control room, with all staff screened and Police-vetted.

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