Risk Solutions

Managing risk can be one of the hardest parts of a fleet manager’s job. Whilst the market offers a plethora of driver safety devices, the task of filtering, managing and acting upon the huge amount of data produced requires time, resources and analytical skills.

FMG’s intuitive and enhanced Risk Solution, designed to mitigate fleet risk and reduce incidents by ensuring fleet managers get the greatest return on investment from a tailored range of risk management tools. We collect the wealth of data created, aggregate, normalise and simplify it to create one clear picture of the risks within your fleet.

Our solution works with all fleet dynamics, including grey fleet, EVs, HGVs and ranges from a training course to a fully outsourced risk solution. We’ve carefully selected our strategic partners to ensure we have the capability and capacity to provide high- quality, sustainable, leading solutions.

FMG’S risk solution is based upon our 3As framework:

Assess the Level of Risk

Proactively assessing your fleet and drivers to highlight and understand areas of risk. Services include licence checks, grey fleet checks, driving permits and telematics.

Analyse the Risk from All Sources

Our new solution features FMG INDICATE, an intuitive portal which aggregates journey data from multiple sources to create one clear picture of the size and scale of risk. The portal imports data from various hardware devices including telemetry devices, vehicle sensors and dashcam technology, and combines with individual driver data such as driver behaviour and vehicle utilisation, with FMG INDICATE consolidating, normalising and presenting all fleet risk data in a simple dashboard, allowing fleet managers to easily identify, analyse and make informed decisions about their fleet risk.

Action Driven by Data

Defining the best course of action is far simpler when powered by FMG INDICATE’s clear insights. A range of solutions designed to reduced recognised areas of fleet risk include supported driver intervention, in- vehicle or classroom training, EV solutions, e-learning modules and post incident interviews.

At a time when every company has a legal obligation to prevent risks for company drivers, FMG’s new and enhanced solution makes managing risk a simpler, smarter, clearer process, with all decision making powered by the data your fleet creates.

Additionally, the new solution will drive value through significant incident cost savings and therefore stronger return on investment.