Insurer Claims Solutions

FMG leads the market in helping Motor Insurers and Insurance Brokers in managing the total cost of claims on behalf of their policyholders. We tailor our intelligent Claims Management system, Ingenium, to suit individual policyholder requirements, streamlining the Claims Management process and reducing delay at every juncture. Our web-based portals are designed to meet the specific requirements of Motor Insurers and Insurance Brokers, providing full access to all claims information, claim reserves and a full suite of reports.

First Notification of Loss

Since time is critical to mitigating the total cost of claims, FMG’s First Notification of Loss service is available 24/7/365, provided by our experienced Incident Management experts using our flexible bespoke claims technology platform, Ingenium. We truly tailor the entire Incident Management service to each customer, delivering a high-quality, right-first-time solution resulting in optimum efficiency and substantially reduced vehicle off road (VOR) times and incident costs.

Repair Management

Getting the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible following an incident is crucial to minimising repair and replacement vehicle costs. FMG’s quality-assured UK-wide network of vehicle repairers offers a range of high-quality repair options to reduce vehicle off road (VOR) times to an absolute minimum. FMG’s in-house highly trained automotive engineers verify that the appropriate repair option is selected, repair costs are reasonable and the repair duration is fair and accurate. Drivers are kept mobile throughout and can track repair progress via the Ingenium web portal.

Third Party Services

FMG lead the market in capturing the Third Party to mitigate their costs; a key factor in minimising the total cost of claims. We encourage drivers to report incidents immediately, enabling early intervention by our Third Party team within an hour of incident reporting, to capture as many aspects of the Third Party’s claim as possible. This reduces the risk of the Third Party pursuing or being approached by potentially expensive hire car companies, credit repair services and personal injury businesses. Major insurers outsource their Third Party Management services to FMG as a result of the significant cost savings we are able to achieve.

Legal Services

FMG provide high-quality specialist support for non-fault incidents. Our Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) experts are relentless in the fair and reasonable pursuit of our customers’ losses, recovering over £1.25 million per month. Our ULR and First Notification of Loss (FNOL) teams all operate from the same offices, using seamlessly integrated systems which allow negotiation with Third Party Insurers within hours of a claim being reported.

Ingenium Dynamics

Ingenium Dynamics is FMG’s telemetry-based driver behaviour system, designed to significantly reduce the frequency of motor incidents through minimising fleet risk and improving driver behaviour. Ingenium Dynamics monitors the ways in which vehicles are being driven and makes drivers aware of any high-risk behaviour, offering suggestions for improvement and providing links to online training modules to address any specific issues. Driver behaviour data and bespoke reports are accessible via a secure real-time Ingenium Dynamics web portal.

Risk Management

Corporate Social Responsibility is a growing pressure on businesses and complying with Duty of Care and Health & Safety legislation can be challenging. FMG’s Risk Management programmes include driver training tools to suit individual drivers and a range of products to assist Fleet Managers in identifying, analysing and managing their risk. These include Driver Licence Validation, On-Line Assessment and E-Learning, On-Road Training and Grey Fleet Management amongst others.

Business Intelligence

FMG’s talented Business Intelligence developers ensure our technological solutions are consistently market-leading. They create bespoke interfaces and portals with interactive dashboards, data-mining tools and a bespoke suite of reports, presenting claims information in an operationally-focused, strategic and practical way. This enables customers to monitor and analyse live claims, costs and specific driver activity.

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