Insurer Solutions

FMG leads the market in helping Motor Insurers and Insurance Brokers in managing the total cost of claims on behalf of their policyholders. We tailor our intelligent Claims Management system, Ingenium, to suit individual policyholder requirements, streamlining the Claims Management process and reducing delay at every juncture. Our web-based portals are designed to meet the specific requirements of Motor Insurers and Insurance Brokers, providing full access to all claims information, claim reserves and a full suite of reports.

FMG leads the way in the provision of high quality, outsourced claims management solutions to the insurance market.

Operating in partnership with insurers, brokers, MGAs, leasing providers and fleet customers, seeking new and innovative ways to remove cost, claims leakage and delay from the claims life cycle.

FMG tailors efficient and seamless solutions to our insurer client partners, offering a comprehensive range of insurance services including 24/7/365 first notification of loss, third party claims services, loss recovery, total loss management and insurance broker services.

We'll Control the Total Claim Cost

When motor incidents occur, FMG provides policyholders with immediate access to all the driver and vehicle support they need. Insurance experts verify indemnity with underwriters, make liability decisions and identify potentially fraudulent claims on a policyholder’s behalf, before managing the policyholder’s own damage claim through to claims settlement. In-house engineers ratify repair methods, scrutinise costs and closely monitor vehicle downtime.

Third Party Services

In the event of an at-fault accident, FMG will manage the other driver’s claim to keep your total claim cost to a minimum.

Our dedicated Third Party claims team capture TP claims on behalf of both insurers and self-insured customers, contacting the third party within an hour of claim reporting to gain control of their claim. We’ll offer high quality vehicle repair service and get the third party back on the road in a suitable replacement vehicle. We closely monitoring every process and cost throughout the life of their claim to minimise your exposure to costs, whilst ensuring the third party is not out-of-pocket at any stage following an incident which wasn’t their fault.

Uninsured Loss Recovery

When your driver is not at fault, our Uninsured Loss Recovery (ULR) experts are relentless in the fair and reasonable pursuit of your losses, successfully recovering over £1.3 million per month. They’ll negotiate with the third party insurer on your behalf to pursue and recover what’s rightfully yours.

Instant Access to Claims Information

FMG sets itself apart by providing insurers with instant access to all claims information including reserve, payment and liability decisions, via an award- winning online claims portal.