FMG issues Gender Pay Gap Report

FMG issues Gender Pay Gap Report

Publish date: 29/03/2018

Mark Chessman Statement

FMG is committed to attracting, retaining and developing talented people, and we strive to be an inclusive and forward-looking employer. We welcome diversity, because we believe that a range of perspectives leads to innovation, an engaged workforce and better results for our customers.

Our people are critical to our success; they provide fantastic service to our customers and their drivers. Colleagues from all backgrounds are treated equally and everyone can contribute to our vision and goals. We encourage honest feedback from all our colleagues through a variety of means. As an employer we benchmark ourselves against the best, and are proud to be in the Sunday Times Best Company Top 100 for the second year running.

I am pleased that FMG has a lower median gap than UK average and I am confident that the gender pay gap at FMG is not as a result of equal pay issues. We have a consistent and gender-neutral approach to determining pay for roles at all levels, and our analysis shows that our gender pay gap is primarily caused by:

A high proportion of females in the workforce who work part-time. We see this as positive: We create roles with flexibility to attract a wide range of talent because full-time, 9-5 work patterns do not work for everyone. We are an employer committed to our local community, and to be successful we will need to create roles that are attractive to a wide range of talented individuals.

A greater proportion of males in senior & technical roles, which tend to be higher-paid. We have introduced a management development programme to offer development opportunities to managers, and those aspiring to manage others, which are aimed at colleagues from all backgrounds and gender. We are committed to creating career development pathways within FMG that are attractive to women in the Automotive Fleet Services and Insurance Claims Management sectors. In time, I expect this to lead to a higher proportion of women in senior and technical roles within FMG.
There is more to do, and we will continue to promote equality and diversity because we believe that by making FMG a great place to work, we will provide a great service to others.

View the Pay Gap Report here