Alphabet extend incident management contract with FMG

Alphabet extend incident management contract with FMG

Publish date: 11/03/2022

FMG has had a major contract extended for a further 2 years to allow them to continue managing incidents for business mobility solutions specialist Alphabet. FMG has provided a full range of incident management services to Alphabet customers since 2005, and the renewal is a major endorsement of the successful relationship the businesses have built up over two decades of collaboration.

The contract includes provision for 24/7 incident reporting, repair and downtime management and uninsured loss recovery (ULR) for Alphabet’s leasing customers, with a key focus on realising cost efficiencies throughout the incident management process.

FMG specialise in getting vehicles back on the road quickly with stringent downtime management to reduce the overall cost of incidents. Every step of the incident management process is driven by Ingenium, FMG’s in-house technology platform, which intelligently triages every incident into automated workflows. Other time-saving features include a full range of flexible repair options including same-day mobile repair and mobile estimates, and an online repair tracking system, with expert engineers monitoring costs, timescales and repair quality.

Clive Buhagiar, Alphabet’s Head of Operational Services said: “Alphabet and FMG are a strong partnership with a clear strategy; we take time to understand what customers need to keep them on the move, then deliver it every day to the highest standard. During two decades of partnership, FMG have provided our customers with fully configurable solutions, better control of incident costs and downtime and superior visibility of fleet data. With so much change going on in the industry around electrification, digitalisation and mobility as a service, Alphabet and FMG have aligned strategies and evolved together, implementing new processes and new technology to ensure the customer journey remains simple and seamless whilst meeting changing needs.”

Dave Parry, Commercial Director at FMG said, “Alphabet has an enviable reputation for excellence in everything they do, and we are proud to continue to play our part in that success with the provision

of high quality flexible solutions that make their customer’ lives easier. As mobility solutions change faster than ever before, we can rely upon our combined expertise within the vehicle market and

deep-rooted understanding of Alphabet’s customers to further build upon the considerable successes of this relationship.”