Robin Lang: Looking back on 15 years with FMG

Robin Lang: Looking back on 15 years with FMG

Publish date: 05/11/2021

6th November 2006 - Tiger Woods was the world’s number 1 golfer, Tony Blair was Prime Minister and I was on the cusp of an exciting new career.
After 12 years learning my trade with Aviva, the opportunity to build and drive a brand new motor proposition from scratch at FMG was an opportunity I was ready to grab with both hands.

The FMG I joined 15 years ago had one private owner, 200 employees and a rock-solid business case for Project Nucleus, a bold (for it’s time) process automation project. Fifteen years in terms of technology is basically a light-year. Back then we were smashing tv screens whilst ten pin bowling on the new Wii console, Twitter was starting to tweet, and Facebook’s new social platform had just launched. Widespread working from home and the wearing of face masks weren’t on anyone’s agenda.

As we laid the foundations for FMG’s Insurance Services Department, little did we know just how much the world around us would soon be rocking and rolling to the sound of careering political and economic forces. Britain’s reputation as the whiplash capital of the world would soon be the least of the insurance world’s worries – as the financial crash of 2007, banking bailouts, a double-dip recession and new coalition government altered every business’ trajectory. The world seemed full of surprises, even Pluto got expelled from the planetary club.

But the storm settled, and the intervening years have brought recovery, innovation, justice and reform. Rapidly advancing technology has changed our habits and expectations permanently. When Apple launched their first iPhone, the smart phone revolution began, putting communication, entertainment and more in the palm of our hands. We’ve since welcomed Uber, Click & Collect and Instagram into our lives with open arms. The technological genius of autonomous vehicles and risk reduction technology has changed the way we drive, and repair, our cars, making road travel safer than ever before.

The ambitious Project Nucleus resulted in Ingenium, FMG’s bespoke claims technology which has automated processes, eliminated admin tasks, and improved speed and accuracy whilst liberating the human element to add genuine value. And the human element under my remit is now a dedicated department of over 200 insurance trained experts who advise, support and negotiate on a full range of Insurance Services on behalf of insurers, brokers, leasing providers, MGAs and direct fleet customers.

Still, we must continually identify innovative ways to add more value, to deliver truly bespoke and technically brilliant services. The pace of technological change required to remain fit for purpose and meet the evolving digital experience customers expect requires a continuous cycle of investment and innovation. Believe me, Ingenium has seen many a #transformationtuesday!

Like any business, the last 15 years hasn’t all been plain sailing, yet the more we have adapted to truly embrace change, even in the most disruptive of times (look no further than the last 20 months), the more we have yielded. Boldly innovating to seize opportunities, steering our own destiny and navigating the turning tides, with the outcome being a more compelling, enduring and sustainable business. The results speak for themselves. We’ve come a long way. I’ve come a long way.

Evolution has touched all areas of my life since that move to FMG 15 years ago. I’ve become a dad, a dog-owner and this year, a director. However, I’m still playing golf and I still support Barnsley FC, which still brings regular disappointment. Some things don’t change.