Modern Insurance Magazine: Editorial Board

Modern Insurance Magazine: Editorial Board

Publish date: 10/03/2021

Author: Andrew Chandler

Whether capturing new growth or tightening your operational footprint, the benefits of integrating business operations, processes and technologies are plentiful. A single claims system allows the accuracy of a single point of control, the efficiency of single data entry, the confidence of data integrity and the insight by which you can make informed decisions to plan, execute and excel. By contrast, no matter how hard you try, a collection of disparate systems simply cannot provide a single source of truth.

A single claims system has the potential for delivering a raft of business benefits, but in isolation of complementary assets, doesn’t provide the whole answer. The pace of technological change required to remain fit for purpose, evolving expectations within a rapidly evolving digital world, the changing footprint of driver behaviour – from autonomous vehicles to the increased popularity of car-sharing schemes, all require greater investment than a single claims system; they demand alignment with financial investment, innovation and activities to drive an holistic approach with greater value and sustainability of business solutions.

Here at FMG we consider ourselves experts in designing and building truly bespoke and technically brilliant claims management services. Our end-to-end claims management service, powered by Ingenium, FMG’s intelligent and intuitive claims management platform, is streamlined to reduce delay and mitigate cost at every opportunity.

Customers require a bespoke claims solution to satiate their business requirements and Ingenium intuitively bends and flexes accordingly. The very first touch point, FNOL is driven by questions designed to gather precise management information, accurately triaging every claim and triggering tailored workflows accordingly. Ingenium pre-populates fields, automates processes and eliminates admin tasks, improving speed and accuracy at every stage.

Yet we must continually identify innovative ways to add more value. This summer we’ll launch Claim Web Access, Ingenium’s brand new multi-channel communication platform to provide greater ease of access to claims management services. The new web-based platform will change the way insurers, brokers and policyholders communicate with us, requesting or sharing claims information instantly by tablet, phone or desktop as well as telephone.

Fundamentally, our single claims system is a key entity, but it is one part of the service function. Instead a more holistic approach to the management of all assets, innovations and activities and the interdependencies between all these service functions is where the true value is cultivated, and where translation into customer satisfaction is seen.